Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My Thyroid Surgery 1 week on

I had the first operation of my life last week, and I had a partial Thryroidectomy. Thought I would do a post on my experience as a whole and my recovery after 1 week and then I plan to do another in a month or so. I am doing this as I found blogs like this extremely helpful to calm my nerves before surgery.

I had to have the surgery due to a 'nodule' found on the right side of my thyroid, I had known it was there for a long time but I dismissed it as I thought it was normal. you can see roughly how big it was in this photo.
I know the photo isn't great but I found myself getting conscious of it so any photos that showed the lump I would ask people to delete them. The thing that bothered me most was the way it moved as I swallowed as this made it look like an Adams' apple.

It was starting to become uncomfortable especially when I was laying down flat it felt as though my throat was closing.

As for my surgery the surgeons have all told me it went very well, I had some discomfort as I came round and felt as though I couldn't breathe or talk but my mum has told me since that apparently the drain that was in my neck had been pressing onto my vocal chords. The anesthetic made me sick and they gave me medication for this through the line in my hand which eased it massively but the worst part for me was they flushing the drain with saline, it felt like poison going into my arm, I don't know if this is a common feeling or not but it wasn't fun.

For anyone having this surgery I would say try and be calm about it for me and I'm guessing most young women having this surgery the scar is a huge factor in the anxiety about the procedure, I know I must have looked at 1000 different images of peoples scars trying to gage what mine would look like. I saw it for the first time yesterday and I am coming to terms with it. The scar isn't big, maybe an inch and a half long and it is very thin, its just the fact that it is in full show, I have gone out to buy scarves and clothes with a higher neck but I am really struggling with what to wear as I cant grab my favourite clothes from my wardrobe as they make me feel to on show and the weather is quite nice so a roll neck isn't an option.

I am going to put a picture of my scar in here as I think it will be helpful for people having this surgery.
This is after 1 week.

I am going to be using bio oil and I have started taking multi-vitamins as I have been told it speeds up the recovery of scar tissue so I would recommend this to people even though I haven't seen the results yet.

As for recovery time I felt like I was able to get up and dressed and eat normally after 24 hours but this will vary from person to person.

I have been extremely lucky and I have had great support from friends and family, I would advise someone be with you for the first couple of days to help wash your hair or move anything heavy for you. One silver lining is I have received some beautiful flowers and cards and presents :)

I wish anyone luck who might be having this surgery and would love to hear from you if you are and if you have any questions.


Sunday, 15 June 2014


Not that you can tell, but that's me up there!! Having the absolute time of my life!!
I did a skydive at Sibson Airfield in Peterborough to raise money for Greenwich and Bexley Hospice on Saturday and it was by far the best thing I have ever done.
I had a really lovely instructor called Mark and felt completely safe with him and would really recommend for people to use that Airfield if you are thinking of doing a skydive, there are cheaper places but you don't necessarily want a bargain when it comes to jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet!!!

We had to leave home at 5am to get there for 7 and then it turned out the weather was too bad to jump at that time, I was doing the skydive as part of a record attempt so there was just over 100 people jumping on the same day but luckily I was in the d#second group so I eventually managed to jump at about 12 o'clock when the cloud started to clear.

I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be, the only time I got really scared was as they opened the door of the plane, all I could see was layer of cloud as I jumped out which probably made it slightly easier as I couldn't see the ground but falling through that cloud into clear skies dotted with fluffy clouds was amazing!! once the parachute opened it was so beautiful being able to see the green fields, and my instructor was so much fun and once he asked if I was ready he started to do tricks with the parachute spiraling us round and swooping around the corridors of cloud it was so much fun!!!1 once I'd landed I literally wanted to get up and do it all again.

Definitely a bucket list experience that I can tick off!

One note I need to make is about the company the skydive was booked through called skyline, they were pretty badly organised they didn't tell the airfield that my sponsorship online covered the cost of the jump so I ended up paying on the day and the information they sent us said we could arrange the photographer on the day which they couldn't so I missed out on getting photographs of the free fall, so I wouldn't advise booking through that company if you are considering it. But I don't mind too much because I know I will be doing this again!!!

So huge thanks to Jane Borrett from the hospice and Sibson Airfield staff
Me in the sexiest hat going!!

Getting strapped in!!
My certificate


Thursday, 8 May 2014

Doing parties on a budget... get crafty!!

This is going to be a bit of a random blog but thought it might help mums and dads who have childrens birthdays coming up but don't want to pay through the roof for entertainers and soft play centres.

My brother and sister always have their birthdays at home, it means that although they cant have the whole class round you can save huge amounts of money and you get to spend money on personal touches to suit your child's interests and the children get to go home with memories of a party unlike any other!

Last year my sister had a fairy party! we decorated the house with everything a fairy kingdom would have, toadstools rainbows fairy lights etc.

We painted a rainbow onto some lining paper which was basically free
We used some Christmas decorations of fairies and butterflies (we have an eclectic tree)
Homemade bunting (this takes a while but you could buy this to save time)

One of my favourite ways of decorating a space for any occasion is these paper pom poms me and my sister made these and it is really simple!!

  1. Take around 8-10 sheets of tissue paper and place them in a pile (any colours you like)
  2. Concertina the paper (fold it like a fan)
  3. Tie in the middle with invisible cotton or anything you have around string or thread.
  4. Cut the ends into a rounded or pointed edge
  5. Carefully unfold each layer till you have a pom pom

This was our Fairy Throne just covered a childrens chair in some fabric and I made the flower design by cutting up carrier bags and sticking them to a piece of card the stuck a flower shape in the middle.
The colourful rabbits were left from Easter and we painted the toadstool on the same lining paper from before.

 Another bonus from throwing parties like this is that the kids can get involved too Holly helped with most of this decoration and found it nearly as much fun as the party itself!

It was her 7th Birthday this year and she decided on a Mermaid party, This was one of the easiest themes to come up with decorations because there are so many under the sea ideas that are really easy to achieve, always look on Pinterest as people post some great ideas on there!

My Mum was very adventurous this time and decided to make an under the sea caste cake herself complete with sugar icing mermaid and coral!! It looked amazing but we now know if you make a sugar icing mermaid don't leave it near a lamp :-s she looked slightly drunk by the time the party came!

There are some really good books on cake design  my mum found this idea in a book from the library, but I'm sure you could search online as well.

We had just moved house when we did this party so I painted a mermaid mural on the wall, obviously this isn't an option for everyone but you could make big posters instead?

Also some great games that the kids always love are pinatas, you can get ones in all shapes and sizes from ebay, We had a fish for this party and a unicorn at the fairy one. My brothers party is this weekend and he is having a games themed party we bought some angry bird re-usable stickers to decorate the walls and we are planning on decorating the cake with little figures of Mario and Luigi.

Hope this has given people a few ideas?

If you would like to see how I decorated and the food and cocktail I did at my quirky birthday at home with a few friends let me know??


Sunday, 2 March 2014

Happy Holidays... Morocco

I have just got back from one of the most amazing holidays of my life! Me and my boyfriend went to Morocco.

I haven't had a holiday in nearly 2 years and really felt like I needed to get away, we booked it on which was actually really handy we only booked it about a month before we went which made it even more exciting as there wasn't very long to wait!
We stayed in a beach town called Agadir which was a bit of a compromise as Nelsen wanted a beachy holiday and I wanted something where we could do 'Activities'. So we stayed in Agadir but we went on a day trip to Marrakech which was crazy!!

Our hotel was absolutely beautiful!! it was called Blue sea La tivoli and was really clean and well looked after and the whole hotel had Moroccan design throughout. We ended it with a huge room with a whole wall of wardrobes and a kingsize bed and our own balcony.

The weather was really nice considering it is February, the first day was a bit windy and overcast but it really brightened up afterwards. Managed to not get burnt which is a bit of a miracle for me! I'm practically albino haha.

Was such a different culture to any holidays I've ever been on, although I had never been to any Arabic countries before. The people were all extremely welcoming but as a woman I did notice a difference in the way I was treated as a woman, never had anyone be rude but if I was walking with my boyfriend all conversation would be aimed at him.

But did meet some of the friendliest people I've ever met, even leaving shops and our hotel at the end of the holiday men would hug us and always tell us how welcome we were.

Marrakech was one of the most lively exciting places I've visited, everyone is loud and the place is bubbling with energy. Down the lanes I saw some beautiful crafts, bags, tagines, and trinkets, rugs, everything you could imagine!! In the main squared there were snake charmers and people with trained animals, we had a bit of a problem with one guy with a monkey, he came up to us and offered his hand to shake Nelsen's hand so as it is polite, he shook his hand and the guy had obviously trained the monkey to jump across at that point and then charged people for holding him. So I ended up shouting at him that we don't want this monkey!! haha a bit ridiculous really!. One thing I would warn people looking to travel to Marrakech, is be prepared to get approached constantly with people trying to sell to you! got a bit much at one point so we went and hid on a rooftop cafe for a few hours.

I'll finish this blog with some photos.

Looking forward to mine and Nelsens next holiday adventure, really want to see the world with him.